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LGBT Website Tips

Building your web presence and driving traffic

One of the most common misconceptions out there is the 'If you build it, they will come' mentality. A lot of people build a website with great expectations of what it will do for them, but are often disappointed with the results. Common reasons for this include low traffic to the website and assumptions that a website will automatically be listed on search engines. Unfortunately, its not quite that easy, but we have solutions to help.

Once you've gotten your website built and live on the internet, you can make sure you get listed with search engines by using Search Engine Visibility. This tool will scan your site for potential problems, help you with keywords for your website, and submit the website to the search engines so they will know your website exists.

Getting the most out of your marketing dollar

In this technology driven world, there are inexpensive and efficient ways of marketing. Consider your advertising budget and the percentage of return you may expect. Paper flyers are expensive to print and distribute and often end up in the garbage without ever being looked at. With Express Email Marketing, you can reach your customers directly based on many different demographics, and get solid feedback on the interest generated in your product or business.

Accessing Email with multiple devices

Businesses and individuals depend on heavily on their email. It's very important to have fast, reliable email, available anywhere at anytime. There are several different types of email available which allow you to access and manage your email on various devices, such as your phone, tablet, and multiple computers. Some email technologies will synchronize your email on multiple devices, and others wont. Hosted Exchange Email allows you anywhere access to your email, synchronizes it on all of your devices, and the setup is simple.