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Text Message Marketing

It’s time to make Text Message Marketing a key component of your on-going piece of your loyalty and rewards programs!

SMS Text Message Marketing has quickly become one of the hottest ways to promote your business! Text Message Marketing is Perfect for Restaurants, Bars & Night Clubs, Retailers, Entertainment & Performing Arts/Event Centers, Family Fun Centers, Real Estate Agents and More…Our application focuses around the growing use of cell phones and text messages as a marketing tool based on:

  • On average, 95% of your subscribers will read your text message within 3-5 minutes of receipt. That’s 5 times more than email subscriptions and 9 times more than direct mail!
  • Cell Phones are usually with 3 ft of consumers at all times and is the #1 preferred form of communication for voice and electronic conversations
  • Offers & Coupons sent via text are redeemed at close to 30% vs. 3% for other forms of Advertising
  • Cell Phones Have Unparallel Reach! (Customers carry their phones with them everywhere they go, night and day & 90% of them use their mobile phone for text messages regularly).